Sunday, 18 March 2018
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For Apple Third Party Apps Accessing iCloud

For Apple is Mandates App Specific Passwords for Third Party Apps Accessing iCloud

Attempts to increase security for your cloud account Apple has introduced new rules for all apps that try to sign in to your iCloud account. Beginning June 15, Apple will require you to set up an application-specific password login for iCloud email to access your contacts and email. Once the deadline is reached, users will no longer have access to iCloud from third-party apps. Apple Third Party Apps Accessing iCloud) It only affects users who use third-party apps (such as Outlook and Thunderbird) with iCloud and does not affect other users.

Remembering different passwords for every app can be cumbersome, but it offers an extra layer of security. Apple’s work assigns individual credentials for multiple apps, so you can use your default credentials to sign in to your iCloud account and revoke access to that app for any hacked account or any type of security issue. This was done shortly after Apple was promoting dual authentication for a new Apple ID account.

Setting an apps accessing icloud password is very simple.

Go to your Apple ID page and sign in using your iCloud email address and password. Select the “Security” tab and click the “Generate password” option under All apps. The new password is typically a string of 16 random characters and you should write this password somewhere. You must repeat the same process for all third-party apps. The next step is to open a third-party app and sync it with iCloud using the app password you previously set.

However, if you change the default password associated with iCloud, it’s worth mentioning that all app passwords will be canceled and you’ll need to manually reset each password third party apps accessing icloud Apple supports up to 25 app passwords, and you can manage them the same by going to the Apple ID Security panel and clicking “Edit” and “View History.”

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