Sunday, 18 March 2018

Get a Refund If Your Kid Made Accidental

Get a Refund If Your Kid Made Accidental In App Purchases From Amazon

Some game apps allow you to purchase stars, donuts, coins, or other tokens that you can use to play the game. The token is imaginary, but the purchase is true. It’s easy to buy things in this app without realizing that kids are spending money. Amazon refunds some unapproved in-app purchases to their parents.

Last year, the FTC found Amazon was responsible for submitting bills to parents for this type of purchase, and online retailers agreed with the FTC to agree to these purchase refunds. If your child purchases goods without your permission through an app purchased from the Kindle or Amazon Android App Store, you may be eligible for a refund.

According to Consumer Reports, you need to receive email directly from Amazon, but you can find information in “Important Mail” by visiting Amazon’s refund site or by going to the message center of your Amazon account.

After billing, Amazon updated the system to make it more difficult to make in-app purchases. For example, you might be asked to enter an Amazon password or a four-digit PIN before completing an in-app purchase. Settings can be set from the Settings menu via the Amazon Apps Storefront. Here you can also set up parental controls on your Kindle device.

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