Sunday, 18 March 2018
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iPhones to get Wireless Charging Technology

iPhones to get Wireless Charging with new 3D Touch Sensor in 2017

Apple’s iPhone line up is of great interest to all quarters before new iterations are released. With the start of 2017, most of us are already looking forward to Apple’s next iPhone, and it’s natural that predictions and speculation begin. According to KGI’s new report, all iPhone models released in 2017 will be equipped with a wireless charger.

The report added that this feature will not apply only to the phone’s major variants. In addition, the new features will guarantee higher production costs, and as a result, the iPhone is expected to be relatively expensive. Wireless charging can also cause more heat and require the use of a separate layer of granite to protect the 3D touch sensor. This sheet should be laminated inside the thermal sensing film sensor.

The latest rumors have predicted that the iPhone’s starting price will go up to $ 1,000, and the new features support more. KGI claims that the total cost of the 3D Touch module will rise sharply between 30 and 5 percent, and that Apple is most likely to increase its customers.

KGI also expects three new iPhones this year, two of which will be repetitive upgrades to the iPhone7 and the other will be a premium flagship with an OLED display and a unique design. For inexperienced people, KGI has made a lot of money about Apple and the iPhone in the past. We are still tagging this in ‘Rumors’, but we are looking forward to September 2017. The premium device we’re talking about is a display with no bezel and a Touch ID Home button.

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