Sunday, 18 March 2018
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Next iPhone Will Feature USB Type C Port

Next iPhone will Feature a USB Type C Port & a $1000 Curved OLED Variant

We have been in the iPhone release this year for a few months, but the leak and rumor has already begun to spread. According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, the forthcoming iPhone (8 or 7S) will replace the lightning port with the industry standard USB Type C.

Feature USB Type C Port

Cupertino’s recent laptop, the MacBook Pro, has only a USB type-C port and after the uncomfortable connection of the iPhone it needed a dongle. However, you can also change to a power adapter with a USB-A plug at the end of the iPhones to get Wireless Charging Technology power cable without changing to iPhone. This allows you to connect directly to your MacBook Pro via the Type-C port and continue to use your own light port. Replacing the lightning port is controversial as users have purchased headphones that are compatible with iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. If Apple adds USB Type-C, you’ll just need a nonsensical adapter.

The report confirmed once again that we had been leaked in the last few weeks. Apple plans to launch three new iPhones at the end of this year and will include an annual upgrade to its 2016 product lineup and additional premium devices. The latter is expected to boast a curved screen like that seen on Samsung’s S7 line, and one of these variations will be equipped with an OLED display instead of an LCD.

What’s more, the new iPhone prefers functional areas, so you can discard real home buttons. Only one of the aforementioned models will provide this functionality. Adding a configurable functional area ensures consistency across Apple’s product line-up. The Premium Edition iPhone is known as the “10th Anniversary Edition” and is expected to collect price tags starting at around $ 1000.

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